Weave Options

Weave re-con from £45
No Leave Out from £95
Vixen 4 way weave from £120
Minimal Leave Out from £125
Illusion Part from £130
Invisible Part from £130
Custom wig including hair from £225
Single strand ring extensions from £350
Full Head with minimal leave out in 3x Bundles from £370

Short Term Protective Style Options

Wig Cap from £50
Quick Weave from £55
Crochet Weave from £80

Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment

Fomaledehyde Free Inoar Argan Oil Brazilian Blow Dry from £145
New Kelth Professional Smooth Treatment (Fomaldehyde free) from £150

Braids and Cornrows

Kid school braids without extension from £25
Men’s Braids or Cornrows from £30
Ladies’ Cornrows without extensions from £35
Kids Cornrows with extensions from £40
Kid’s Single Braids from £50
Ladies Cornrows with extensions from £50
Ladies’ Single Twist from £110
Ladies’ Single Braids from £120

Kids Braid Services

Straight back. Back to school braids age 12 years and under from £30
Treatments from £45

Installation Hair Extensions

Yarn twist from £100
Yarn braids from £110
Faux Locs with yarn from £170
Faux locs with synthetic hair from £170

Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

1 hr 45 min from £40

Afro hairdressing

Natural Silk Press U15 from £50
Natural Silk Press from £80
Affirm by Avlon Re-Touch from £70
Affirm by Avlon Virgin realxer treat finish from £80
New London connection blow dry treatment (lasts up to 4 weeks) from £90

Haircuts and Hairdressing

Dry Cut from £20
Wash & Trim from £35
Restyle from £60

Hair Conditioning and Scalp Treatments

Bentonite Clay Treatment with blow dry from £45
5 in 1 Affirm Deep Treatment with blow dry from £50
Aphragee Protein Treatment with blow dry from £50
Macadamia oil deep mask treatment from £50

Hair Consultation

1 hr 30 min free